Free Minnie Mouse thank you cards

10:45 am

by Jennifer Freeman

minnie thank you cards

Free Minnie Mouse Thank You Cards

Free printable thank you cards with a Minnie Mouse theme!  These are darling and the template is free!  Download the free Minnie Thank You cards!

Click to get the Minnie Mouse Thank You cards.

  1. Print the Free Minnie Mouse thank you cards on regular paper or cardstock.
  2. Fold the card in 1/2 and write your personal thank you!

See the other free thank you cards that I found for you too!


Tip ResouceBlast the Beats!  It’s much more fun to work & get a task done when you’re accompanied by rockin’ out to some fun upbeat music. So, put on your kids favorite music, crank it up. Give them a certain number of songs to get the task and make it a challenge.  Have one fun song to dance to at the end of the accomplishment.  Make it fun mom and don’t be afraid to crank it up!


barnes & noble store

Barnes & Noble Kids Club

Barnes & Noble Kids’ Club gives away a free cupcake from the B&N Cafe your child’s birthday, when you enroll them in Kids’ Club! Plus get 30% off list price on any one kids’ book or toy for your child, and receive $5 in rewards for every $100 you spend on kids’ stuff both online or in-store. Monthly, you will get a feature newsletter with bonus savings too!

Barnes & Noble Kids’ Club Enrollment

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My Job Chart – Free Chore Chart for Kids

6:39 am

by Jennifer Freeman

My Job Chart – Free Chore Chart for Kids

This free online job chart is the best! I had a friend recommend My Job Chart and it has sure helped my kids with encouragement to do their chores. We are amazed how well it has worked for us. It has motivated the kids to do the things we have lined out in our home for chores. It is customizable for your specific chores and rewards.

Free Chore Chart For Kids

It is Free to use and I would encourage you to try it out.   My kids love it and so do I.



Free Veggie Tales & Elmo Personalized CD

9:24 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Veggietales discountFree Veggie Tales & Elmo Personalized CD

Get a free personalized CD or either Veggie Tales songs or Elmo songs! When you get to the page use codes, MYELMO for the Elmo songs and code VEGGIE for the VeggieTales songs. The only ‘catch’ is your child’s name has to be on the preset list of names on the website, but they have lots of names!!

Free VeggieTales or Elmo Songs CD
codes: MYELMO and second code VEGGIE

VeggieTales CD include: Introduction with Bob & Larry, VeggieTales Theme Song, That Was Great!, If You’re Happy and You Know It, We Don’t Have Hands
Elmo CD include: Glad You’re Here, Sesame Street Theme Song, Sing and Dance


Leave A Mirror Message –

9:20 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Do you need to get someones attention or remind them about something?   Have you ever left a Mirror Message?  This seems to lessens the constant nagging reminders we as moms seem to say again and again?   Here is what I do…leave a message on the bathroom mirror using a dry erase marker.  The mirror messages makes a reminder more pleasant than the constant verbal reminder.  I love to leave reminder notes or a sweet message on the mirror, they wipe right off and seem to get noticed every time!!

I left the message above on the kids bathroom mirror so they wouldn’t forget to floss, brush teeth and put the toothpaste away.  I was constantly saying “did you floss first and remember to put the toothpaste away?”

Use Mirror Messages for:

  • something they need to memorize
  • a daily vocabulary word
  • weekly scripture
  • appointment reminder
  • I Love You note
  • word of encouragement
  • don’t forget message

Just about anything you want a person to notice put on the mirror and they will see it!