My shopping trips

This is a rather old video Mr. Cameraman and I did, but I am resurrecting it because it shows how I do most of my shopping.   My shopping trips tend to be the polar-opposite of my TLC Extreme Couponing TV shopping trips, they are small in size but extreme in savings.

My definition of extreme couponing is extreme savings. It doesn’t mean clearing out the store. Simply matching store sales and discounts with manufacturer coupons.  We purchased only a few items in this video.  Without coupons, I would have spent $16.64 after coupons it was 1.58 (including tax)

$16.64 Before coupons
-$15.06 in store & manufacturer coupons stacked
=$1.58 OOP ~the extreme savings!


If I was to do another TLC  Extreme Couponing show, this is the kind of shopping trip I would love to do! This is Extreme Couponing — save a ton of money using coupons and the current sales and deals to shop free!    This video taken during the General Mills buy 5 save $5 catalina deal shows how I went shopping and rolled one savings catalina deal into another (also know as “rolling’) to keep savings moving forward. This video was taken during my grocery shopping trip at my local Smith’s store in Vegas.  When you see these deals try “rolling” them and get the giant savings.  If you don’t need some of these items that are included, maybe you can pick some up and donate them or share with a family in your area that you know needs some help.

Learn about the coupon lingo and couponing 101.


My Extreme Couponing All Stars Shopping Trip

As many of you know I was on TLCs Extreme Couponing All Stars show (known as Season 3) in addition to my first appearance on TLCs Extreme Couponing season 1. I am calling this video My Extreme Couponing All Stars Shopping Trip because it was the second show on TLC that really showed the massive savings possible when shopping. During this new video I share with you specific tips and secrets I use that you may not have heard before — these tips will move you into being an Extreme Couponing All Star too!

Most of these deals you will be able to snag at Target this week, this shopping trip was just a couple of days ago with current deals. See the list of Top Target Hot Deals to see a few more details.

What are your secret savings tips?  I shared a few of mine, do share yours in the comments?


Free Bailey’s Creamer and My Shopping Trip

2:10 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

smiths shopping tripFree Bailey’s Creamer and My Shopping Trip

Just coming back home and want to quickly share some of the deals I picked up today at my Smith’s store (Kroger)  You can get some of these deals too!  I will have a couple more posts later in the day today about some other deals that you can get, and they don’t expire for awhile– so check back!

The picture does not show my entire shopping trip.  Spent $54 and Saved $64.   I had grapes and bananas, and more items including 4 Pillsbury Frosting (using a coupon that came in the mail from the company).

Some items I bought had no coupons!!  (That statement pains me to type)!!   It is a rare thing for me to not use coupons but a few deals I didn’t want to pass up while I could get them and no coupons are ever available anyway!  — Bakery clearance Wraps and Bagels, Rolded Gold Pretzels ($2 each) too.


My Vegas Smith’s Shopping Trip:

Using the Save $5 when you buy 5 participating items promotion. The top price is showing after the $1 per item discount.

Silk Milks – $1.99
I used $1 off hang tag coupon
or use $0.75/1 Silk Product printable
Final Price:  $.99Bailey's Smiths Free

Bailey’s Creamers – $.99
I used $1/1 Bailey’s Cream Coupon 1/20 SS
or use $1/2 Bailey’s Printable Coupon
Final Price: FREE

— I picked up only one because Hazelnut was all that was left.  It saddens me that we have a group of local shelf clears promoted in Vegas, but what do you do!

Lysol Toilet Cleaner Twin Pack $2.49
I used $.50/2 Lysol Bathroom Cleaner Printable
or use these Lysol Coupons
Final Price:  $1.99 or $1 each!

Kettle Brand Chips $3.49
I used a $1/1 Kettle Brand coupon from old facebook offer
and getting $.50 cash back from Ibotta
Final Price: $1.99

2 Classico Red Sauces – $1.69
and 2 Classic Alfredo Sauces – $1.69
I used $1/2 Classico Coupons (zip code 22222)
and got $1 Classico catalina coupon good on your next order
and getting $1/1 Classico Alfredo Pasta Sauce (Ibotta Deposit)
Final Price:  net price $.69 each!!
** see More Classico coupons:

Bird’s Eye Vegetables – on sale for 10 for $10 (fancy way of saying $1 each)
I used $.50/1 Bird’s Eye Coupons
Final Price: $.50 each

Atkins Frozen Meal
I used a Free Item Coupon I received months ago
Final Price:  FREE!

Hindeo Rice – $2.69
Used $1/1 any Hindeo Rice, under 10# Coupon (zip 77477)
Final Price: $1.69

So Delicious Yogurts – $2 each
Use $1/1 any So Delicious product coupon 2/10 SS
Final Price:  $1 each
**More So Delicious Coupons

Marie Calendars Soup
Free from loaded Free Item Coupon from Smith’s

This is a good summary of the coupons and deals I picked up.

Did you go shopping and save a bunch of your hard earned bucks this week?  What deals did you find? 


6 FREE PowerBars plus $0.13 Money Maker

8:38 am

by Jennifer Freeman

pure simple powerbars

6 FREE PowerBars plus $0.13 Money Maker

Yesterday I shared the Walgreens PowerBars Deal.   I went to the store and confirmed it’s even better by using the $1.10/5 PowerBars any or 1 multi-pack Protein Plus bars coupon!   The PowerBars coupon scanned right through and the cashier and I carefully read the wording to make sure it was a match first!   The reason the PowerBars coupon works is because it’s $1.10 of ANY PowerBars  OR Protein Plus multi-packs.   The key is the wording ANY for the single PowerBars! powerbars receipt

FREE PowerBars plus $0.13 Money Maker
Here’s how to work the deal.

Buy 6 PowerBars that are B1G1F sale @ $0.99
Use $1.10/5 PowerBars Coupon
Pay $1.87 and get a $2 Register Reward back
Final Price: FREE + $0.13 Money Maker!!


Do my scenario below for a net out of pocket of only $1.74 AND have 12 Powerbars and 4 Right Guard Deodorants!   The scenario I would do on a Walgreens shopping trip:

Start with the Right Guard Deodorant Deal:
Buy 2 Right Guard Xtreme 2/$6
Use (2) $2/1 Right Guard Printable Coupon**
or $2/1 Right Guard coupon RP 3/13
Pay $2 and get back $1 Register Reward

** The printable is no longer available, sorry!  I try to alert you to hot coupons to print & deals coming, so hopefully you are printing them when I share the coupons!

Then do a PowerBars Deal:
Buy 6 PowerBars that are B1G1F sale @ $0.99
Use $1.10/5 PowerBars Coupon
and use your $1 RR from Right Guard Deal
Pay $0.87 and get a $2 Register Reward back

Then do one more Right Guard Deal:
Buy 2 Right Guard Xtreme 2/$6
and one small filler item (I buy $.33 caramels or $.25 pencils)
Use (2) $2/1 Right Guard Printable Coupon**
or $2/1 Right Guard coupon RP 3/13
AND use the $2 Register Reward Right Guard
Pay $0.25 (for the filler item) and get back $1 Register Reward

Then do one final PowerBars Deal:
Buy 6 PowerBars that are B1G1F sale @ $0.99
Use $1.10/5 PowerBars Coupon
and use your $1 RR from Right Guard Deal
Pay $0.87 and get a $2 Register Reward back*

Leave the store with $3.99 cash out of pocket
plus a $2 Register Reward
= A net out of pocket of only $1.99!!
and have 12 Powerbars AND 4 Right Guard Deodorant!!


*You could use your $1 Register Reward to the Soft Scrub Deal.  To to this make one final transaction like this:

Buy 1 Soft Scrub Cleaner-$2.49
and one small filler item (I buy $.33 caramels or $.25 pencils)
Use $1/1 Soft Scrub Cleaner
and use $1 Register Reward from Right Guard deal
Final Price: $0.49 + $.25 filler item price

In the end you would have a net OOP (out of pocket) of $2.73 total and all for 12 PowerBars, 1 Softscrub and 4 deodorants!  Had you walked in and purchased these items on sale but no coupons etc, you would pay $26.37!!!  Learning to roll the items, sales and deals will drastically improve your budget!!

Be sure to check out all the other Walgreens deals for this week and you could do even more deals!

$1.10 off when you buy any  FIVE (5) BARS OR ONE (1) MULTIPACK OF POWERBAR® PROTEINPLUS®


Direct Video Link:

Here are the details about getting your free pastry at Starbucks going through 3/3/13!  And then I walk through my Target shopping day for my coffee deal plus I found some great clearance items.

Come along on my shopping trip to Target with Mr. Cameraman (and my mom) in tow.

These were the coupons I used: I had 5 $1.50 off one Seattles Best coupon from my newspaper insert (I get 5 Sunday newspapers) 2 were $1.50/1 Seattles Best printable and the last $2 off one was from a sample of Seattles Best coffee that I requested a few months back! Jen