Bread Outlet Stores Saves You Dough

10:00 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Bread Outlet

How To Shop A Bread Outlet Store

If you are under the impression that a bread outlet store sells less than fresh only outdated and day old products – you are in for a surprise!!   Learning how to shop a bread outlet store can save you over 70% on bread and MORE!   The breads and products are sold within the standard of freshness for the industry.   The only items that are outdated at the store I shop are the ones they give away for free when you spend a certain dollar amount.

The bread above I paid $9.18 for, and only 1 item was outdated (by 1 day) and that was given to me for free! The Entenmann’s Outlet store that I shop in carries Bobs Red Mill products and Bear Creek products! Now, I love to make homemade bread and do it often, but I am not making buns, English muffins etc!

What I learned about shopping at a bread outlet.

  • There is a greater variety of products than in the grocery store.  I found items I love and never found in my favorite grocery stores!
  • Some items are only sold through certain stores, but the bread outlet store will take them all.
  • Many bread trucks are independently operated.  The drivers need to sell the bread..all the bread.  When particular items aren’t selling well at one grocery store they cannot move it to another store, but it can go to the outlet for sale.
  • Bread outlet stores carry a vast array of products.  Jams, coffee, tea, sauces, candy, soup mixes, beans, cookies, popcorn, crackers, stuffing mixes and more.

When shopping a bread outlet store, ask about these extra discounts:

  • Buyers club punch cards.  Earn punches based on dollar amount spent to get free items
  • Coupons? Most have a coupon of the month for buy one get one free or other deals.
  • Discounts? Military, foster parenting, seniors.  Just ask.
  • Use Valpak coupons for buy one get one free.  See Valpak coupons
  • Do they have a spend X dollar amount for a free item of the day program?
  • When do they have extra markdown days?

Don’t forget about your large local bakery stores.  We have a fabulous bakery called Great Buns in Vegas, they supply most of the restaurants in the city.  They have bread marked down each morning for $2!  The bread was baked the day before.  Call your local bakery stores and ask about their markdown policies.

If you are passing up the expensive bread in the grocery stores to save your family money, check into shopping bread outlets stores in your area-you may be pleasantly surprised!

Hot Tip:  Extend your savings by freezing the bread.  Leave in store packaging for short term freezing, or wrap in foil for up to 6 months.

Other items you find at bread outlet stores are:

  • Low-carb breads, cookies, cupcakes, moon pies
  • Popcorn
  • Pound (Mini) Cakes
  • Shortcake Dessert Shells
  • 100% Sugar Free wheat bread
  • Texas Toast
  • Home Pride Stuffing Mix
  • Meat Loaf Mix
  • Zesty Garlic Butter Crouton
  • Bagels
  • Heinz Condiments
  • Honey Graham Crackers
  • Seasoned Bread Crumbs
  • Weight Watchers items

Not all will carry these items but many do, so watch for these extra savings items.



Easily Get Rid of Beach Sand

8:10 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

Tip Resouce


This super easy trick will help you get rid of beach sand easily and in seconds.  The secret:  baby powder!  To get the beach sand off hands and feet after a fun day there is a super easy way!   Here’s how —  Keep a small bottle of baby powder in your beach bag.  When you’re ready to leave the beach sprinkle the area of your skin that has sand on it and the sand will slide right off your skin.  It’s an amazing trick!

Search the Free Coupon Database for Baby Product Coupons!


How to Get Rid of Deodorant Marks

5:00 pm

by Kelly Gibbs

Tip Resource

How to get deodorant marks off your clothes easily.

We’ve all done it.  Been in a hurry and notice a white deodorant smudge on our shirt! Great, time to change clothes right?  Nope – try this tip for getting deodorant marks off.  It works like a charm.  Grab an old nylon stocking and rub it on the area.  It takes the mark right off!



How to Prevent Blisters and Sweaty Feet

10:10 am

by Jennifer Freeman

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How to Prevent Blisters and Sweaty Feet


Want to avoid painful blisters and smelly sweaty feet.  This super easy tip using what  you currently have in your household is the answer! Start with clean dry feet.  Before slipping into your shoes, rub your feet (top, bottom, sides and heels) with a good antiperspirant.   This will help eliminate blisters because if you feet aren’t sweaty it will help stop blisters from forming.   With all the free antiperspirant we get as couponers this is a great way to use some up!!

Grab these coupons to get your sweaty feet antiperspirant!

$2.00 off ONE Gillette Clinical Antiperspirant$1.00 off Gillette Clear Gel Antiperspirant$2.00 off any Speed Stick Gear$1.00 off any adidas body wash, deodorant or spray$2.00 off ONE Secret Clinical Antiperspirant


There are always more coupons — click to see more.


How To Maintain Your Stockpile Tips & Video

6:56 am

by Jennifer Freeman

How To Maintain Your Stockpile Tips & Video


This is a perfect time of year with spring cleaning in the air and a renewed interest in getting things in order before summer vacations start.   One way to tame your stockpile is to assess your stockpile.  Any items you don’t think you will use, this is the perfect time to donate.

This should only take you an hour or so, don’t get bogged down, this is just an overview right now and the goal is to tame your stockpile.


How To Maintain Your Stockpile  – 4 tips.

1.  Take account how many items you have in each category — cleaning, laundry, personal care, canned goods etc.

  • Are you over loaded in one area?  Needing to stock another?

2.  Check expiration dates.

  • Set aside anything with short term expiration dates.  For me that would be 6 months out.

3.  Put like items together if they are out of place and lightly dust or clean the shelves and items while you are at it.

  • Some items may need to be moved around and consolidated so not as much room is taken up.

4.  Go through all the samples you have requested over the last year.

  • Pull out any samples you will not use or that you know come around often.


Any items you set aside,  that you will not use, or have an abundance of and donate.  Many food banks and pantry are struggling to provide for the needs of the community and cleaning out your stockpile of items you won’t be using could really help.


mitten gift tags

Gift Closet Stash

Start shopping for upcoming occasions WAY in advance.  Buy gifts whenever you find a good sale. This will prevent you from paying full price at the last minute and will also make sticking to a budget easier.

Sit down (right now) and make a note of the next 12 months of birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers or weddings. Look for great deals now and through the holiday season sales and see if you can squeeze into your budget a few advance gift purchases.  Not only will you be prepared, but you will save a bundle of money over time.

Stash these gifts if a bin under the bed or in a closet.  Store them away for the next kids birthday party, baby shower, wedding or event you are heading too!