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Glaizer’s Of Las Vegas – 1/18-24

9:00 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

Glazier’s Of Las Vegas


Glazier’s of Las Vegas was voted “Best Grocery Store in Vegas” 2010 and 2011 ~ Both of my TLC Extreme Couponing shows were shot at Glazier’s.
Watch TLCs finale of Extreme Couponing All Stars that airs on 1/24 – it was filmed at Glazier’s!

Daily fish is “Jet Flown” to Glazier’s – they have the most amazing seafood AND there isn’t any variety of fresh fish that they can’t get for you.  There seafood in fresh and at a fantastic price!  Want a special order of fish, just call or stop by to place your order and it will be flown in fresh for you!  Now that’s service!

FREE items w/in-ad coupon & $25 min purchase

  • Free Duncan Hines Cake Mix
  • Free 3# Yellow onions bag

Big Buy Bacon $2.44 per 1# package

Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.78/#
Fresh Grade A bone-in Chicken Leg Quarters $.88/#
Black Canyon ANgus Petite Boneless Sirloin Steaks $3.33
Fresh Pork Loin Sirloin chops $1.86/#

$.88/# Tomatoes, Green beans, Broccoli Crowns, spinach or eggplant
Iceberg Lettuce or 2#’s of green cabbage $.88/#

red or green leaf lettuce and Romain $.74/bunch

$.88/# apples – Braeburns, red or golden delicious or fuji apples.

Glazier’s of Las Vegas

CONTINUE With the Coupon Match-ups



Extreme Couponing All Stars planning

Extreme Couponing All Stars

Jen Morris wrote an awesome back story about our experience on TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars. She blogs for the Las Vegas Review Journal and you can see all her blog posts HERE.


Did you happen to see tonight’s episode of TLC’s new series Extreme Couponing All Stars?  This new series is based on a competition between previous show participants, but with a twist.  This time there are rules.  For example, shoppers must have a minimum of $500 in products before coupons and they must purchase at least 15 different items.  Then the clincher…they have only 30 minutes to complete their shop.  Contestants go head-to-head and the winner is decided based on the total percentage saved.  It’s almost like Supermarket Sweep meets Extreme Couponing, and it’s all for charity!Extreme Couponing All Stars Check Out

When Jen Freeman from Tip Resource asked me to help her with Extreme Couponing All Stars  and told me the premise was more about benevolence, how could I refuse?  Jen and I have worked together for almost a year now teaching couponing workshops in Las Vegas and California.  We have tons of fun together and have such similar couponing philosophies.  The tricky part to planning the Extreme Couponing All Stars trip was that between myself, Jen, and our other partner in crime, Shannon, we had to juggle planning and traveling over a few weeks.   We would sneak off to Glazier’s  to put down a plan of action, but then the next week different items would be on sale, we would have new coupons, and then would have to redo the master list.  It was tons of fun but a little unnerving as well. We knew planning for the Extreme Couponing All Stars show would be work!


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Mr. Cameraman (a.k.a. my husband, Mike) filmed Jennifer and I chatting it up about our experience on TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars.  You will see how much fun we have together.  Tomorrow, get the next segment of the TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars interview, when I share a video with the other 1/3 of the Couponing Angels team – Shannon.  Or if you just can’t wait – you can see it on Tip Resource youTube channel.   Watch to the END for the BLOOPERS!!

TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars Interview





Hello ~ TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars viewers.  The show was so much fun to film!  We shopped at Glazier’s of Las Vegas.   Jen and I laughed through so much of the day and were on cloud 9 when we donated all those groceries to St. Therese Center Las Vegas.

First, let me share how the whole original 2011 TLC Extreme Couponing show came about for me.  My dear husband filmed one of my big shopping trips and put the video up on YouTube.   TLC saw this video and contacted me asking if I wanted to be on a shopping show.  The Extreme Couponing series had not started yet, so I had no idea what the show was all about when I agreed to it.

So, back to TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars show when TLC called and said they had a new show and it was a challenge for charity, I was hooked!  100% of everything “purchased” during this shopping trip was donated!!   Our mission, The Couponing Angels – Jen, Shannon and I, was  to get the biggest haul EVER!   Let me tell you it was a challenge and took a great deal of planning.    One person will be declared the winner during the season finale.  I wonder who will be the ultimate “Extreme Couponing donator”?

Let me challenge you in 2012. When you get a great deal, buy a bit extra and donate it to a food pantry, pet shelter or just leave a package on the doorstep of a struggling neighbor.  As a couponer, you can benefit those around you by getting items and donating plus sharing your knowledge of how to save to help each other.

Jen Freeman

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TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars – Behind the Vegas Scenes


TLC Extreme couponing All Stars

 TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars

We are walking into Glazier’s of Las Vegas ready for our crazy shopping showdown against Joni!   That’s  Jen Morris and me, Jen Freeman.  She’s my TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars shopping partner.    Joni is our tough TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars competition. There was a lot of preparation for this massive Extreme Couponing All Stars shopping trip but ALL we did was DEDICATED to DONATION!!   It’s Game on for charity!!  Is it enough to win Extreme Couponing All Stars??   It all came down to this moment…walking into  Glazier’s Las Vegas  praying our ducks were in a row, the coupons lined up correctly and our game plan ready for our TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars shopping trip!

Watch JANUARY 3 — Tuesday Night —
Our Extreme Couponing All Stars airs!!  Be sure to Watch TLC!!


TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars – Behind the Vegas Scenes

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