How to Fix Burned Gravy!

8:51 am

by Jennifer Freeman

How To Fix Burned Gravy


Don’t throw away burned gravy– there is hope to save the burned gravy!  If you are making gravy and accidentally burn it, here’s how to fix the burned gravy.   Pour it into a clean pan and continue cooking on low heat.   To take the “burned” taste from gravy use sugar.  Add a pinch of sugar, stir, and taste.  If the burned taste isn’t gone, try another pinch of sugar.  Avoid over-sugaring it.  The sugar works to cancel out the burned taste in the gravy.  It really works, I know!

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Connie May 20, 2019 at

Thanks. I AM A BAD cook thanks will tell you how it goes


Tanya Theriot March 7, 2021 at

I’m from Louisiana and we cook a lot of gravies! A pinch of sugar will work but if you want to avoid the sweet taste altogether, cut up a raw potato into small cubes and throw it in and let your gravy boil until potatoes get soft . You can remove the potatoes or leave them in. If you leave them in, it kind of makes like a stew. If not just take them out and discard them.