How to have a successful garage sale

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by Jennifer Freeman

How to have a successful garage sale


Summer is here and with summer comes yard sale season.  Selling your items and making $300, $400 or more is worth the little bit of effort.  And after the sale, take all the remaining items to a donation location and write off the value of the donation on your taxes.   To have a successful garage sale,  you need people buying what you are selling!  Pretty simple, right?  I am sharing ways for you to learn how to have a successful garage sale and get the most out of your items and time!   Readers: If you have any other tips, please share will us in the comment section below!  Let’s learn from each other.

Here are a some garage sale tips I have learned over the years:

1) Try to make it a multi-family sale. Get more helpers & more incentive for buyers to stop by.

2) Baby & children’s clothes sell well (adult not so much).  Hang clothing. It will sell quicker.  And if it’s dirty, wash it.

3) Have the sale on Friday & Saturday.

4) Advertise the yard sale 1 hour later than you really plan. When the early birds come knocking,you will be prepared.   However, I would start early, around 7AM.

5) Use free services to advertise. Why spend extra money? See links below.

6) Begin advertising on free sites days before the sale. List a few of the great or unusual things you have for sale. Don’t list too much, just peak their curiosity.  Stand out from the other sales.

7) Direct people to the sale using bright colored signs and colored arrows. Use one color; one color will direct a person easier. It’s easy to print a large arrow on 8½ x11 paper. Keep signs simple; remember people cannot read a sign well when driving!

8.) Put signs out the evening before the sale. It’s way too much to do the morning of the sale.

9) Be prepared! The day before the sale, sort your items. Place like items together and clearly mark the price (or know the price). Keep in mind some people will not ask about pricing if it isn’t marked. Hagglers will always haggle.

10) Get plenty of change and in all denominations. No sense in lowering a price because you do not have correct change.

11) If you are willing to negotiate, ask buyers to make you an offer! How bad do you want to get rid of it? Sentimental value will not increase the actual price someone will pay.

12) Consider having some water, sodas, lemonade, baked goods or candy for sale. It gives the kids something to sell.

13) Have a plan for your items after the sale concluded. Pre-schedule a non-profit to come by on Monday morning to pick up your remaining items.

14) Have fun! Play some music, enjoy meeting new people and above all make some money getting rid of things you really do not want or need.

15) Remember to remove your signs after the sale.


FREE Places To Advertise Your Garage Sale:

At Garage Sale – search by zip code, city or state. 57,000 sales listed

Tag Sell It – Lists estate & yard sales, consignment stores & flea markets

Garage Sale map – similar to MapQuest but shows garage sale locations.

Remember Craigslist, for online free ad posting.

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