Video~Extreme Couponing 101 Tips, Newspaper Inserts.

12:01 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Simply and easy ways to organize yourself for Extreme Couponing. As a mommy of twins, whom I homeschool too, I am very busy (like all of us) I need fast and efficiant ways to organize my coupons and shopping trips. This video is a resource for some of my favorite couponing tips.

**Remember the secret is getting multiple discounted newspapers each Sunday.

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Sofia July 22, 2011 at

Hi, how do you get direct mail from Red Plum, is it free>? Thanks


Tip Resource July 22, 2011 at

Redplum is sent via direct mail to home they choose. There is no way to get on thier mailing list for off the list. However, many newspapers include the Redplum in their Sunday Newspaper Inserts. If you do not get multiple Sunday Newspapers on home delivery now, I would suggest signing up and getting them. I personally get 5 delivered now.
I am able to offer special discounted newspapers by going to discounted newspaper in the top bar, or here


Sofia July 24, 2011 at

oohh ok I uderstand! Thanks!!!!!!


Tabatha Lutes July 25, 2011 at

Hi I am wanting to give couponing a try.How do you use inserts from six months ago or longer when the coupons expire within a month or two?